For 10 years, Fitarch company is well-known for professional foot orthotics in Malaysia.

Began from just single product,now we come out series of products to cure variety of treatment needs. We emphasize the quality of the products and also customer-services by providing a standardized training for our service team. Giving customers great satisfaction after purchase.

FITARCH with the advance scanning technology will measure out your arch type, arch pressure and weight points to precisely customize a orthopedic insole for only yours, which also suits in any covered shoe. Honourably mention,FITARCH is the first company in Malaysia that provide free door-to-door service to examine customers feet health condition for their customize insole.

Our vision

Deliver our caring and excellent services towards every corner of the globe, to improve everyone’s health by solving their bone structure.

Our Mission

We are committed to our professional, considerate and selfless spirit of our services. To come out with a series of high quality treatment products, let everyone to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our Core Values


We uphold to our trust and professional, always be convenient to our customers.


Customers’ health is our first priority from beginning, always conscience and maintain our business reputationProfessional


Integrate with the advance medical technology, examination and team experts. Giving the best bone structure treatment service for the customers.


We keep upgrading and innovate different kind of new products according to our customers’ needs, improve their health.

10 years free regular follow-up service

To make sure every customers’ conditions,FITARCH provides 10 years of free regular follow-up service. Our professionals will regularly make an appointment with every customer by visiting them to gain feedbacks from customers’ health progress. We also will perform an arch examination on customers in order to know and record the changes of their arch condition , then from every period of their changes we will keep optimising their insole , so that customers can get the most effective treatment result. At the same time if insole is damaged during this 10 years, we will provide free repairing service.

Most professional and caring team

Every FITARCH team are well trained and pick out according to their level, not just acquired to acknowledge each products and processes but also to know well about skeletal knowledges and health information. Such professionals are to assist each customer in the most effective way, ensure that high standard of service is provided.

Covering a large area with customer service

In order to provide a complete and fast service for customer, FITARCH currently has built branches also customer service centres at 11 cities in Malaysia. Customers can easily keep in touch with us to get assistant from our team. Besides we will also increase the amount of customer service centres to benefit everyone more.

Our awards

Our company was found in year 2009, mainly doing foot orthopedic products and services. Fitarch is one of the company which is well-known for its orthotics products in Malaysia. Previously began from just single product,now we come out with many series of products to cure variety of treatment needs. We had put in lots of efforts in order to make a joyful and healthy life become true, hence our products always capable in the market till this day.